At the North American International Auto Show, millions of press and attendees flocked to the premiere experience of the world’s top auto brands, side by side. In 2014, Nissan looked to reset consumer expectation of the brand and its products. They wanted the experience to be richer, more sensory driven and pleasurable – all while attracting, engaging and educating potential customers.

To do so, GPJ created a stunning signature design element, dubbed “the halo,” an enormous cantilevered arch that balanced out the build. At nearly 40 feet in the air, the halo appeared to hover without support, an immense beacon that was visible from thousands of feet away and which boldly proclaimed Nissan’s presence and design-centric messaging.

Once an attendee approached the booth, we took them through an individualized sensory and digital experience, starting with a Nissan signature scent, and our pioneering interactive brand journey called “digital landscaping.” Along with our sister agency, Spinifex, we used RFID technologies enabled via the attendees’ own devices to guide and educate them as they moved through the space. Meaning, attendees could interact with the content on their own terms, with a device that was already familiar to them.

To add to the sense of excitement, we created an ultra-realistic GT-R racing game where attendees could race one another using their mobile phones, with results automatically posting to Facebook. This blend of physical and digital design meant longer dwell time and more engaged customers in a space that reflected the brand’s message. That tight connection between brand and execution has meant the design is being repurposed throughout the world – Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East – resulting in even greater ROI.