Tridium, a global software and services company, enables smart device and premises automation management. In 2014, they turned to GPJ to put their Niagara Summit on the road to explosive growth, as well as introduce their new management team and next-generation solutions to a devoted community of system integrators, product developers and business owners.

GPJ dove headfirst into the audience’s world to understand how they connect and interact with the Tridium brand. We emerged with a strategy driven by the theme, “Powered by Possibilities,” a play on Tridium’s widely recognizable language. The theme created an emotional connection with the audience that started before the Summit even began. Acting as the cornerstone of a pre-event digital campaign, it helped to drive audience generation, one of GPJ’s key responsibility, and pushed final attendance to 15% above the target number.

Onsite, a prototypical lecture-based model wouldn’t connect with such a diverse audience, or position Tridium’s new management as trusted, candid leaders – another key GPJ mission. Instead, GPJ worked hand-in-hand with Tridium’s highest level of leadership through C-level speechwriting, delivery coaching, content development and the management of every aspect of presentation production to create a highly engaging experience.

Equally important to facilitating confidence in Tridium’s new leadership was creating ample networking opportunities. The Niagara Summit is a chance for attendees to learn from and be inspired by one another. So when outside staffing changes put the conference’s reception and general session location in jeopardy six weeks before the event, GPJ stepped in to secure the location, menu, logistics and success in the newly architected Chelsea Theater. The move resulted in an expanded expo area for attendees to network, as well as huge cost savings for Tridium after GPJ handled the negotiation.

With a unified strategy that guided every decision, GPJ turned the 2014 Niagara Summit into a launching pad for future success, and showcased the power of experience marketing to build relationships between brands and attendees.

“Thanks GPJ for helping to deliver a world-class event that hit our objective: to shock the world with our event and innovation.” – Nino DiCosmo, President & General Manager, Tridium Niagara Summit 2014