The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been host to breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years. As technology is increasingly finding a home within the family vehicle, CES 2014 represented an opportunity for a leader in automotive innovation, Toyota, to debut three advanced concept cars. The space needed to highlight Toyota’s legacy as innovators, while embracing the culture of CES through immersive and educational environments.

The approach was a future-focused space outlined by a distinctive, Toyota-branded header and large format LED panoramic backwall. Within, the space was divided into three zones, highlighting the unique benefits of each concept. The Toyota i-Road, a three-wheeled vehicle, zipped around a track within the space, suggesting a new approach to city-driving – a future with fewer traffic headaches. We shifted the focus for the Toyota FCV zone from demonstrating the functionality of the vehicle, towards education for the attendee. With a 300-mile driving range and a refueling time of only three minutes, the Toyota FCV, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle seemed almost too good to be true. Interactive tables and LED displays led attendees through the history of Toyota FCV development and testing, assuring attendees that this technology was not only real, but also reliable and safe.

The cherry on top of the experience was the Fun-V2, a vehicle that took Toyota’s “Fun to Drive” concept into the even further future. The vehicle responded to body movements and used voice and image recognition to determine driver mood. We showed off the LED surface and interactivity through a camera that projected images onto the surface of the vehicle – a real-time visualization of the partnership between driver and vehicle.

The modern forms and curvature within the space reinforced Toyota’s commitment to innovation and the unique concept environments resulted in fluid circulation and high dwell-time. By the end of the experience, constant crowds within the space supported countless press mentions and the Toyota FCV collected two Best in Show awards.