Tencent MIND Forum in Beijing is Tencent’s annual flagship media and marketing event, a must-attend brand experience owned and produced by one of China’s premier internet service providers. The MIND Forum brings together experts, channel partners, leading online advertising agencies and clients from various industries. Tencent aims to make MIND forum the industry-leading event  brand and educate the market on it’s massive media platform network and influence.

GPJ had successfully executed the previous year’s MIND Forum in 2010. 2011 was the second time Tencent selected GPJ as the event partner, and the client expected GPJ to create an even better onsite experience fitting this year’s theme “Hearing & Changing”.


In order to create the right onsite experience, GPJ team worked closely with the client’s marketing team and spent much time on research and understanding the client’s business model and 2011 objectives. GPJ extended service way beyond just event execution and logistic support. The team was deeply involved in agenda designing, topic selection, demo design, and speaker recommendation. With a focus on cost effectiveness, GPJ designed required fabrication for maximum re-usability. And the physical assets, such as signage and environments, was designed to be reused at later events in Shanghai and Guangzhou.


During the meeting, more than 1,500 top-level elite attendees shared ideas and exchanged their knowledge and experience with each other. Tencent was able to successfully demonstrate its thought leadership and garner valuable feedback from the industry and clients through this event.