Standing out in an overcrowded automotive space, and reaching the notoriously distracted millennial demographic are big challenges. Reaching Scion’s target customer—self-starter entrepreneurs ages 18-34—required a fresh exhibit space and an original approach to the brand.

Our objectives were to increase brand awareness via social media and demonstrate a new vision of the brand. Since the target customers are tech-savvy and very connected to one-another via social networks, we wanted to push the limits of what’s possible using social media within a brand experience.

At the heart of the experience was the world’s first Instagram-powered vending machine. Visitors who posted an image to their personal Instagram accounts with a designated hashtag triggered the image to appear immediately on the vending machine, and a gift to drop into the reward bin below. From there, the images were projected onto the 80-screen Master Dashboard, accompanying real-time tweets, call-to-action videos and real-time location-based weather.

Because this was the “world’s first,” it was especially important that the Scion environment and the Swag Machine resonate with the attendee and organically fit into the overall brand experience. The fast, seamless and voluntary social integration reflected authentic interactions. Over 20,000 Instagram have been tallied to date, and we’re on track for many more.