At this year’s conference, GPJ introduced a custom, six-panel interactive digital wall engagement that took motion and still graphic design to the next level – not only showcasing GPJ’s influential role in the digital space, but also helping IBM capture 12% more customer responses than last year and a staggering 11.6 million Twitter impressions.

IBM had three goals in mind for this year’s SAP SAPPHIRENOW ASUG (Americas’ SAP Users’ Group) Annual Conference: improve brand presence, enhance the attendee experience, and help clients to understand what IBM can provide.

As IBM’s trusted partner for elevating and unifying their brand experience, we knew just how to turn that vision into a reality.

Coupled with GPJ’s industry-leading design, custom fabrication and graphics, including a stunning circular hanging banner with built-in LED lights, our featured six-panel interactive digital wall engagement solidified IBM as one of the most innovative brands in the digital space at this year’s conference.

Pushing the bounds of motion and still graphic design, the digital engagement incorporated strategically aligned user-directed custom content to demonstrate what IBM can provide its clients.

Here’s how it worked:

Users were drawn into the experience with dramatic visuals of an animated globe, and were prompted with the direct call-to-action, “Touch to Begin.”

Then, four unique entry points led to 15 custom designed datagrams and case studies.

The engagement invited attendees to co-create their unique digital journey in real time. As attendees touched their way through high-design entry points, they were navigated toward custom assets that were extensible beyond the interactive experience.

And finally, the integrated content offered actionable conclusions that helped the attendees envision their path to success and drove meaningful conversations with SMEs within the booth and beyond.

GPJ’s deep relationship with IBM and our intimate knowledge of their needs ensured this visually compelling, scalable, high-definition interactive engagement would be a tremendous success.

In fact, the engagement helped contribute to a grand total of 1,411 booth scans – a 12% increase from last year.

The strategic content GPJ created and incorporated into this engagement not only helped IBM achieve their goals for the conference, but it also provided a way for IBM to continue the conversation by taking the engagement on the road – literally.

Strategically designed for multiple executions across the Alliances program, GPJ once again partnered with IBM to feature an enhanced version of the experience at Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

There, GPJ showcased the engagement’s various advancements, improving the way the IBM stories were told through motion graphic animations and creating an even better dynamic experience for attendees.

Now the GPJ team is working on planned improvements to the engagement, including enhanced graphic animations, content analytics tracking, and added real-time data. The team is also working on a scaled-down, reusable version for smaller footprints, and a way to extend the life of the experience beyond a single point in time.

Look for the revamped experience to debut in 2017!