Fashion and beauty brands know that loyalty and net lifetime value is the name of the game. Winning a following of product fans that spread word of mouth depends on giving them an unforgettable experience that’s authentic in every way. That’s exactly what COVERGIRL asked G7 Entertainment Marketing to do in support of their sponsorship of P!NK’s national “Truth About Love” tour.

Working with GPJ, G7 created an integrated experiential activation that united themes from P!NK’s advertising campaign with COVERGIRL’s product lines to introduce the brand in a clear, powerful way that would engage the core customer segment – young women.

At every stop of the 53-market tour, brand ambassadors manned touch-up makeup stations, giving fans a taste of the product and leaving them with tip cards and coupons to drive sales post-event. Outlast nail bars manned with manicurists and mani-cams gave over 5,000 manicures and captured fans photos to be shared via social channels.

P!NK’s celebrity was leveraged through the video activations, where fans told their personal “truth about love;” unmanned “pose with P!NK” graphics; and photo marketing making fans COVERGIRLs, all of which were shared on social media.

With thousands of samples distributed and thousands of social media posts, GPJ and G7 gave fans a unique concert experience, building loyal COVERGIRL buyers along the way.