Oral-B had designed a truly connected product series: the Genius 8000 & 9000. They came to GPJ to design an attractive, playful experience that would enable users to explore the product, learn unique selling propositions and become an asset for product training.

Our strategy? Hack the toothbrush, explore the technology inside, translate it into an interactive experience. Take a peek inside our solution below:

In five short weeks, we developed the motion sensor genius game, inviting users to brush like a genius. Participants would use the toothbrush to interact with teeth onscreen, brushing away blue areas while they were being judged on timing and accuracy. A live leaderboard captured high scores throughout the day.

The incredible response of the first iteration at Mobile World Congress prompted Oral-B to use this solution at future events as well as make it a permanent installation in their headquarters. Today, we’re exploring how to best translate the experience into the retail and consumer environments.