MWV is a design-driven packaging solutions company whose products help the world’s top brands entice and engage consumers. Leading up to drinktec, the massive global beverage industry event in Germany, MWV tapped GPJ to help them develop a wholly original visual system and experience design – audience journey, technology, content and media – to better tell their new brand story, rooted in the  message: “Delivering value from insight to in-market”

The task was huge: from strategy through to production, we needed to keep in mind that MWV would be speaking to more 70,000 attendees from 183 countries, and needed to differentiate the brand from more than 1,400 other sponsors at the event.

Our solution was based in seamlessly connecting content and technology while translating MWV’s two-dimensional brand elements into a stunning 7,500-square-foot immersive environment. Within that jaw-dropping space, we placed a visual focal point – a high-resolution, 18’x10’ LCD screen, as well as oversized packaging sketches paired with original photography. Once within the space, attendees moved fluidly through various product zones, each speaking to different audiences – brand managers, supply chain manager, design engineers, even IT. Throughout, collaboration happened around white boards and touchscreens demonstrations, leading to casual and formal business meetings. And at every touchpoint, original media and content, created by GPJ, told the MWV brand and product story as it best related to each attendee.

The result was that, despite being set among competitors with significantly larger presences and budgets estimated at multiple times that of MWV’s, the environment was chosen by Beverage Daily as one of the top experiences at drinktec 2013 – a huge success for MWV. The effort also led to a stronger positioning for MWV as a global thought leader in the industry and higher-than-expected sales activity onsite and post-event. The real proof of success is that now, MWV is holding up their drinktec program as the engagement and experience model for other business units to follow.