Mountain Dew

In an effort to reach and engage the youth market, Mountain Dew chose a title sponsorship of the five-city Action Sports Tour to connect with this audience face to face. Key objectives for the onsite activation were to create a brand experience that would differentiate the Mountain Dew brand from the other sponsors present, portray the Mountain Dew brand as outside of the mainstream and provide a unique conduit between this culture’s stars (athletes) and the audience.

The solution was The Dew Underground. Housed in an over-scale inflated structure, the environment was part broadcast studio, part gallery space – a dynamic mashup of the urban music and art scene and offered visitors the chance to meet with their favorite athletes, take in local musical acts and of course sample Mountain Dew products.

With its unique design and engagement strategy, The Dew Underground brought significant visibility to the brand, creating buzz that drew thousands of attendees to the tour as well as visitors to the space over the course of the summer.