For the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Lenovo wanted a memorable presence during the two-week event. GPJ helped them rise above the massive onsite marketing blitz by hosting visitors in a welcoming and entertaining pavilion.

GPJ was up against multiple challenges in strategizing a plan for Lenovo’s Olympic Pavilion and driving overall visibility for the brands. Not only would there be thousands of pavilion visitors a day, but they would all be speaking different languages. To stay in touch with the Olympic spirit, the space also needed to evoke a sense of world community. Complex ideas needed to be conveyed in an uncomplicated manner.

GPJ found the solution in hands-on media-rich exhibits that demonstrated the wide range and various uses for Lenovo’s innovative technologies, using interactive gaming stations and brand ambassadors to communicate each story.

VIP guests were offered a hospitality suite that included an Internet lounge, bar/food service and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Olympic Green.

The experience led to visitors initiating a viral campaign disseminating the brands’ messages through texting, online sharing and word-of-mouth.