Dedicated to a mission of forward thinking, shared experience and business technology leadership, IBM Client Centers all over the world have served as hands-on showcases for IBM’s progressive innovation for the better part of a century. Their focus is to create high-value experience environments for Fortune 100 clients who look to IBM for continuous innovation, expect to be visually amazed, actively engaged and educated, and leave with tangible business actions.

A nearly 20-year partnership with IBM, combined with a continuous commitment to innovating human experiences, means GPJ has long been in the business of creating fresh, interactive narrative-driven journeys that connect clients and prospects with the IBM brand. This combination of history and innovation has informed an extensive strategic design exploration and development approach, and a resulting execution plan mapped specifically to IBM’s systems and evolving needs.

When we set out to design the IBM Client Centers in Beijing, Moscow and India, our approach included five key design principles that mapped back to brand and visitor experience for this audience:

  • Relevant: Using bold – and applicable – technologies to excite clients about the future.
  • Collaborative: Bringing clients in though an interactive mix of storytelling and technology.
  • Thought-provoking: Demonstrating business and technology aspirations in a way that is both believable and forward-thinking.
  • Localized: Connecting the challenges and opportunities of each city location’s environment to the greater world; demonstrating IBM’s role as both global and local partner for progress.
  • Human: Creating comfortable and calm conditions for discovery and communication, exploration and reflection.

The result of this strategic design and execution process is an IBM Client Center that performs as a high-energy platform of discovery to advance visitors on their relationship journey with IBM – inspiring ideas, rich conversation, and world-changing innovation.

The experience journey begins with a digital media timeline that showcases IBM’s rich history of innovation, followed by a solution showcase space focused on dynamic storytelling, marked by business and technology demos. These interactive environments spark thinking to enable lasting transformation.

After the success of our preliminary project in Beijing, GPJ was asked to redesign Client Centers in Korea, Moscow, Mumbai and Delhi, as well as be involved in the brand environment design for the IBM Watson flagship building at 51 Astor Place in New York City’s “Silicon Alley.”