NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO is the retail industry’s premier event, attracting more than 25,000 attendees and high-level influencers from the largest retailers in the world. For 2013, IBM challenged GPJ to create a highly interactive, customer-centric experience that showcased IBM’s thought leadership in, and innovative solutions for, the retail industry.

GPJ accomplished these goals by creating a singular experience to allow attendees to fully engage with IBM’s vision for the future of retail.

From the moment attendees entered the exhibit hall, their attention was drawn to the suspended 16’ x 9’ LCD display with bold, graphic video that teasingly promised a look into this future.

To communicate the Future of Retail message inside the IBM space, GPJ and IBM created the character of Lily, whose story attendees experienced in three distinct environments. Throughout, attendees were fully immersed in hands-on engagements that allowed them to experience IBM’s vision of retail through Lily’s journey. By incorporating oversized iPhones and iPads into the experience, IBM was able to demonstrate its ability to help retailers collect, analyze and gain insights that enabled them to better connect with customers like Lily.

Attendees began their journey on an airplane, where Lily researched products online and engaged with social media. As the experience continued, attendees entered a retail store environment that brought to life the future of shopping. Here, the insights gained online were used to deliver a personalized and optimized engagement: Lily was recognized, given tailored recommendations by store employees based on her online activity and offered personalized pricing options. To enhance the experience, attendees were recognized using the same technology from Lily’s story and offered tailored solutions based on their business needs.

Finally, attendees completed Lily’s story in her home environment. Once data analytics had designated Lily as a Tier 1 Shopper, the retailer was able to provide her with individualized promotions and customer service. Attendees were able to interact first-hand with technology showcasing the personalized shopping experiences IBM can generate anywhere, anytime.

After attendees finished the main journey, they were then able to visit individual experience centers to engage in in-depth discussions with IBM team members, explore the retail trends that will help to define 2013 and receive personalized business solutions based on information they shared during their journey.

At NRF 2013, GPJ was able to bring IBM’s vision for the future of retail to life by telling a compelling and engaging story for all attendees.