Today’s B2B marketer understands that great live experiences are just part of an ongoing audience engagement process, what we at GPJ call the “experience continuum”. In addition to developing better content, with today’s technology, brands can talk to customers in very specific, personalized ways to accelerate learning and relationships, and drive better results.

That’s the thinking behind TouchScope, a software suite we designed to help clients engage trade show and conference audiences more effectively through better content experiences. The idea is to make sure highly personalized, on-demand content is readily available across multiple devices and media, presented in such a way as to create a collaborative, problem-solving discussion versus the traditional features-and-benefits approach.

At the same time, TouchScope helps manage content across a global portfolio while improving lead capture and fulfillment, social media management and analytics.

Check out the video above to see how one client, IBM, is using TouchScope to improve customer engagement and drive higher ROI from meetings and events of all kinds.