Expo 2010 Shanghai, China with its theme of ‘Better City, Better Life’ offered a unique venue to launch Cisco’s “Smart+Connected Communities” (S+CC) on a global scale. With more than 100,000 Mayors, Urban Planners, Developers and Urban Specialists visiting Expo over its six-month run, Cisco sought to demonstrate their commitment and leadership in the China and Asia Pacific markets, and to create and exhibit world-class technology showcases and pilots at the World Expo.

Of note is the recent recognition of the Cisco Pavilion team by Cisco’s Chairman, John Chambers, with his first-ever Chairman’s Choice Award, an award that recognizes projects within Cisco that have had a significant business impact for Cisco.

The inspiration for the design of the Cisco Pavilion comes from three different perspectives that were brought together. First was the Pavilion’s theme, Smart+Connected Life. Second was the concept of looking into the future, the year 2020. And third was Cisco’s visual brand identity. These perspectives evoked transformational images of clean, natural, spacious, bright, and harmony.

Significant outcomes of the Pavilion include the declaration of S+CC as one of two big bets for Cisco worldwide, S+CC briefings delivered or booked exceeding target at 124%, and generating a confidence uplift of 70% in Cisco’s S+CC with customers.