Outdoor Retailer Show is a biannual trade show where brands introduce product to thousands of buyers and secure big placement deals for the upcoming season. Carhartt, who has historically had a strong presence at Outdoor Retailer, is a 126 year-old, family-owned apparel company who was ready to showcase their technology and innovation story in 2016.

GPJ took inspiration from all of Carhartt’s existing selling environments to create a new experiential design strategy that would be in-line with one of their core brand values: authenticity.

The result was an environment that told consistent and key product stories, with private meeting space for important onsite meetings, and an environment that reduced the overall spend on key show services by a full 20%.

But the smart design doesn’t end there. We also made the design modular, so it could be scaled to accommodate future needs. Clients were delighted by how accurately the booth reflected the new brand identity, the beauty of the design that attracted throngs from across the hall, and the comprehensive approach that GPJ provided, which will deliver savings show after show.